Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Special Engagement

ONE NIGHT ONLY:  Saturday, Rocktober 25th, 2008 | SOLD OUT SHOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen (primarily ladies) Mr. Perfect will be performing at a special engagement in Fairfield, CT.  For one night only Mr. Perfect returns to the club where he got his start, the Manhole.  A heart wrenching setlist and a few special guests are expected, so this one's not to be missed.  For those who can't attend a DVD release is expected for early 2009.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wet Pop

This was a single off of one of my later albums. At the time I was going through some legal troubles with my ex (from my fourth marriage to Bai Ling) and a young girl, now known as Christina Milian, who was suing me for some sort of offensive. I was searching for a new sound to take me away from the troubles. The album was the last I recorded in what I would call my "wet pop" period. I soon after changed sound but not my style. The song deals with some of the ways I dealt with women over the years. I co-wrote the lyrics with my attorney at the time Louis McCarthy. -P

Inside Of U

Live From Live Aid

This is a rare live recording from Live Aid in '85. Actually it's from one of the afterparties. I was asked to perform in place of The Stones who had come down with the flu. I was unprepared at the time as I was taking a nap with Madonna. So I took to the stage with only my guitar in hand in front of the likes of Bowie, Jagger, Hall & Oates, Sting, and Duran Duran, and rocked 'em Perfect style. Paul McCartney was in the audience that night as well. I think I saw him crying somewhere during the second verse. Someone told me they overheard him telling Mick later that night that it was the most inspiring piece of music he had heard since John's stuff. Check it out. -P

Everything That You Do (Live From Live Aid)

Corey Who?

Back in the 80's Corey Hart stole this song from me which I had written as a poem. I was his vocal coach for a short period of time. I always wore sunglasses around then, even at night, because I was going through a lot of problems with my divorce from Denise Matthews, a.k.a. Vanity, and tried to be invisible. I wrote this song for both her and Patricia Kotero, who I started seeing around that time. She became another protegé of Prince soon afterward. I still to this day believe Corey found the song scribbled on a napkin I left at the Hollywood Diner. Anyway, years later I found my original recording of the track which was never officially released. So here it is. Eat your Hart out Corey. -P

I Wear My Sunglasses (At Night)

Chart Toppin'

This was one of my biggest singles in Japan and Europe. It also got a huge response in the Golden Triangle. I won a Grammie for the production on this track and it was one of my most identifiable hits. Jermaine Jackson sat in on the sessions and his vocals can be heard on the backups at the end of the second chorus. The lyrics deal with some trouble I was having with a young lady. She was giving me mixed signals and I had to clear the air the only way I know how, with a song. I personally got calls from Prince and Quincy Jones telling me it was the shit, officially, and Michael looked me straight in the eyes and said "Who's bad?" Enjoy! -P

Perfection (Can Never Be Found)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Sensitive Side

Many of my hits, past and present, will be appearing here, for free! But here's a taste of the new stuff. I've really exposed my more sensitive side with this ballad of longing entitled Oceans. It describes my feelings for women all over the world. Some of whom I've met and some of whom I've tried to meet. -P


Perfect Debut

Mr. Perfect has joined the blogging revolution in an attempt to keep my fans up to date with my most recent scandals and exploits, as well as my hottest tracks. Some of them may be so intense that they could cause the internet to spontaneously combust into a trillion tiny sparks of Perfect magic. So be careful, especially with children. I'll also be sharing stories and rare recordings here that come directly from the man himself. There are a lot of rumors and misinformation about my amazing career, so I'll give you the straight dope here. I decided to call the blog "On Sexxx" in tribute to the song that launched my career. Be sure to post comments and check back frequently to see just how Perfect it can get. Here's a free picture of me to get it started.